Competitive Cyclists Needed for Uni of Bath Research Study


Competitive Cyclists Needed for Uni of Bath Research Study

Are you a competitive cyclists, triathlete, runner or swimmer? Interested in knowing more about how your body works? Max Simms, a student at the University of Bath, is conducting two studies for which he is looking for participants. See below for more details:


Study 1

Are you a competitive male cyclist or triathlete aged 18-40 years interested in knowing your VO2max (a key determinant of your endurance capacity)? We are conducting a research study at the University of Bath investigating the effects of simulated organizational stressors (a type of psychological demand) on cycling performance. As part of this project, you will be required to complete one VO2max test and three 8km cycling time-trials. Upon completion of the study, you will receive your VO2max test results as well as the performance data (e.g., average power, completion times) attained during the three cycling time-trials. For more information, please see the link below or contact Max Simms directly via email ( or telephone (01225 38 6399).


Study 2

Are you a competitive cyclists, runner, or swimmer competing at a regional, national, or international level? In collaboration with the English Institute of Sport, we are conducting a research study at the University of Bath to explore athletes’ experiences leading up to upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) symptoms and how these symptoms may impact performance. To be eligible, participants must have experienced symptoms of an URTI (e.g., sore throat, sneezing, runny/blocked nose) on two or more consecutive days in the past month. However, if you are interested in taking part but have not experienced such symptoms, please still get in touch as you may experience these symptoms at a later date. If eligible, you will be invited for a one-off interview lasting approximately one hour at a date, time, and place convenient for you. An interview via Skype can also be arranged if you are unable to attend in person. By participating in this study, you will get an opportunity to reflect on your sporting (and non-sporting) experiences and will be provided access to the final output of the study. For more information, please see the link below or contact Max Simms directly via email ( or telephone (01225 38 6399).

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What a fantastic fortnight it’s been on the Andy Cook Cycling Bike Week Lanzarote. 70 riders enjoyed constant sunshine, learnt new skills, conquered some iconic climbs and ate a lot of ham and cheese rolls! Full round up to come #andycookcycling #clublasanta #lanzarotecycling #springcamp #cyclingcamp #trainingcamp #high5 #alecustomuk #conticycling #contityres #lazerhelmetsTuesday summed up in pictures: 🚴‍♀️☀️ 💨🐫🍹🧘‍♂️🥉31 miles completed today as a warm up before the ‘big one’ tomorrow. Lovely, sunny, but fairly windy, day out on the beautiful roads of Lanzarote! The camels made an appearance as the groups came back over Fire Mountain. Great turnout for the stretching session with Ben @bp.triathlete_ back at base, and then the ACC team came third in the Club La Santa quiz! Phew! #andycookcycling #clublasanta #lanzarotecycling #mortensjuicebar 
#stretchingforcyclists #firemountain #camelsGreat day out has by all! 68 miles, 5500ft climbing and some excellent group riding - well done all! Particular highlights of today were the gorgeous views and gentle winds! #andycookcycling #clublasanta #lanzarotecycling #cyclingcamp #trainingcamp #wintercyclingNice gentle 37 mile ride today to Femara for coffee in the sunshine ☀️😊 #andycookcycling #clublasanta #lanzarotecycling #coffeeinthesun #trainingcamp #andycookbikeweek #wintercyclingGreat riding from everyone today on the Andy Cook Cycling Bike Week. 55 miles to Arieta, up the 10km Haría climb, a well-deserved sandwich at the top and then a fun descent back down with a tailwind! #groupriding #teamwork #harialanzarote #kom #andycookcycling #andycookbikeweek #clublasanta #lanzarotecycling #wintertraining #trainingcampWeek 2 has begun! We welcomed 40 sets of fresh legs to the camp today, with a very windy (but mainly dry) 47 mile ride. The best bit was the El Golfo coffee stop that some riders took, while other groups went onto Yaiza before heading home into a strong head wind. Looking forward to the rest of the week with a great bunch of people! #andycookcycling #clublasanta #lanzarotecycling #lanzarote #cyclingcamp #wintermiles #trainingcampAfter a tough old day in the saddle yesterday (160km), it was lovely to have a gentle final 50km ride on Week 1 of the Andy Cook Cycling Bike Week. Followed by the traditional crazy golf tournament and rounded off by a game of Jenga! Thanks to all the clients who have  made Week 1 so brilliant! #andycookcycling #clublasanta #lanzarotecycling #lanzarote #cyclingcamp #andycookbikeweek‘Recovery day’ today on the Andy Cook Bike Week - 50km into another strong wind (although it has changed direction!) with delicious sarnies and fresh juice at Morten’s Juice Bar. Then there was a stretching session for all back at the hotel - although quite a few people weren’t all that stretchy! #andycookcycling #clublasanta #recoveryride #mortensjuicebar #freshjuice #stretchingforcyclists #cyclistsarenotflexibleIt’s been a great couple of days on the bikes in Lanzarote. A tough 70-miler today put everyone through their paces, but look at all the smiles! #andycookcycling #clublasanta #andycookbikeweek #lanzarotecycling #bikecamp #trainingcamp #wintersun #wintertraining #getthemilesin