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6 Ways To Get Healthy This Summer

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6 Ways To Get Healthy This Summer

We’ve already had the hottest April day since the 1940’s, and summer 2018 is getting closer! With the sunshine comes the longer days, the balmy evenings, the BBQs and the beer gardens… and often the determination to lose weight and get fit and healthy. But what seems like a great idea in April, when you’ve got months of warmer days stretching ahead of you can sometimes be difficult to achieve in reality. Holidays, work commitment’s, school exams and many other aspects of day-to-day life easily take priority over that jog you said you’d take after work. But if you enjoy the exercise you’re taking then it’s a lot easier to make it happen!

Here at Andy Cook Cycling, we’re passionate about promoting a healthy lifestyle based on enjoyment and fun – NOT on doing exercise you don’t enjoy and resenting every second! So, here are our 6 tips for getting fit and healthy this summer and having fun whilst you’re at it:

1. Stay in bed later!

Although some people prefer to start their day with a work-out, that early alarm isn’t for everyone! If you’re more of a night owl than a morning lark, then our Tuesday Night Cycling Evenings are perfect for you. They run from 5.30pm to 8pm for 6 months of the year – early April to late September.

2. Only do activities you actually enjoy

There’s absolutely no point in joining a noisy gym if you don’t like the pressure of exercising in front of strangers or going to that really hard Pilates class just because your colleague does. Take the time this summer to find something YOU enjoy doing that will help you get healthy. If you think that something might be cycling, then our Tuesday Night Cycling Evenings are the perfect way to find out for sure. We invite complete beginners to join us at Castle Combe Circuit to try out cycling – and we guarantee a fun and relaxed atmosphere with plenty of space, no hills, no cars and lots of like-minded people!

3. Pre-register for an activity

Sometimes you need a bit of structure and routine to get you motivated! If you struggle to get yourself going after work or at the weekend then signing up to an organised activity such as our Castle Combe Family Cycling Day may be the best choice for you. Like our Tuesday Night Cycling Evenings, the Castle Combe Family Cycling Day is a laid-back day of cycling to which EVERYONE, of all ages, levels and abilities is invited. There are few rules and nobody forcing you to do a certain amount of exercise, plus you get a simple structure, and motivation to come along, with an easy pre-registration process.

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4. Get your family and friends involved

A great way to motivate yourself is to make sure you’ve got like-minded and supportive people around you. Exercising on your own is never that much fun, and if you can encourage your kids, nieces, nephews, partners, parents or friends to join you then you’re also making sure they get the benefits. If you’re struggling to find something to do as a family, don’t panic! Our Severn Bridge Sportive is a great challenge ride for those in your family who want to try riding either 60 or 100 miles through some of the best countryside the area offers, and whilst they’re at it, the rest of the family – old and young, big and small – can take part in the fun and excitement of our Castle Combe Family Cycling Day!

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5. Support a cause

Supporting a charity or cause close to your heart is a great way to keep you motivated. Whether you’re being sponsored to do a certain amount of exercise in a short space of time, or taking part in a charity fun ride, it’s great news for the charity. Do you have a cause in mind but don’t know where to start? Why not get sponsored to ride our wonderful Severn Bridge Sportive? It’s quick and easy to enter and you can either organise your own sponsorship for a chosen charity or raise money for our charity partner the National Autistic Society through the registration system. If you don’t fancy riding that many miles, you can always ask for sponsorship for cycling a certain number of laps at the Castle Combe Family Cycling Day!

6. Be ambitious

Mass-participation events such as Ride London and the Deloitte Ride Across Britain are becoming ever more popular. If you’re not quite ready for such epic challenges just yet, but still want to push yourself, then sign up for either the 60 mile or the 100 mile route of our Severn Bridge Sportive. You will cycle along a part of the beautiful Ride Across Britain route, going over the Severn Bridge and into Wales before returning to the Cotswolds via the Forest of Dean. It’s easy to sign up for this extremely popular and fully-supported event, and could be your first of many challenge rides to come!

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