WOWs – Women On Wheels Mallorca Cycling Holiday

Camp Dates: 01/05/2020-05/05/2020


Bikes, wine, sunshine – Andy Cook Cycling’s first female-only cycling holiday on the beautiful island of Mallorca is now open for booking. Join us from Friday 1st to Tuesday 5th May 2020 for a long weekend of riding on beautiful roads with like-minded people, experienced ride leaders and quality support. Feel like a pro for five days as you forget about the real world and simply soak up the sunshine and stunning scenery in this very special place.

On arrival on the morning of Friday 1st, you will be met at Palma airport by our lovely staff, who will then transport you back to the hotel – a simple 40-minute drive away. Once there, you will have time to unpack and build your bike or collect your hire bike (more info on hire bikes coming soon). Our staff will be on hand to help with any problems or questions you may have before we all meet for a gentle afternoon spin. Once we’ve warmed our legs up, ready for the next few days of riding, there will be time to change before we all meet in the bar for the Welcome Briefing. After meeting each other and discussing the following day’s ride, you can tuck into a delicious dinner before heading back to the bar and enjoying the evening’s entertainment – or you can get an early night!

Over the next three days, we will take you on some truly beautiful roads, up some great little climbs and down some well-deserved descents – making sure we also stop for as many great cake and coffee breaks as possible! It won’t be all about the cycling, there’ll be time to relax at the beautiful Club del Sol hotel, with its ultra-stylish rooms and lovely facilities, including a spa, two pools and a brand-new bike centre, plus amazing views and great restaurant and bars. There is much fun to be had on these sort of trips – and we make it our mission to ensure you enjoy yourself and get what YOU want out of the trip.

***The cost for this 5-day, 4-night trip is just £595pp

single occupancy, or £545pp for a double/twin room***


We will be staying at the beautiful Club del Sol Resort and Spa during the WOWs Cycling Holiday. Located between Alcudia and Puerto Pollensa, this newly-renovated hotel is a little paradise, hidden away off the road from the busy tourist accommodation areas of the island. It boasts ultra-stylish rooms, a fantastic restaurant, two pools, a spa and a brand-new bike centre with washing facilities and tools. We are sure you will enjoy your time at Club del Sol – we’re looking forward to welcoming you there in May.

For more information about the resort, please see their website.


Is it for me? Whether you’ve been cycling for years, or you’ve just started riding a bike, then this is the camp for you. We pride ourselves on being extremely inclusive, and we welcome cyclists of all levels and abilities on our cycling holidays. We have a range of highly-experienced leaders who adapt to the needs of every individual to ensure ALL participants get what they want out of the trip – whether it is the ability to ride confidently in a group, completion of their first milestone ride, the skill of climbing hills comfortably, or more miles in the legs ready for a specific challenge ride or sportive.

Can I hire a bike? We are in the process of organising a deal with a local bike shop for bike hire. When you book, if you want to hire a bike, please mark ‘no bike’ on your form and we will be in touch with further details about bike hire soon.

How fast will the rides be? We make a point of never setting ride speeds in advance of any of our bike camps. Our greatest skill is making sure everyone is looked after – so our usual routine is to let you self-select a group on the first day and then during the course of the ride and at the various stops, the groups will naturally fall into place. You can always, ALWAYS, let your ride leader know if you want to go at a more comfortable speed, or if you’d like to move up or down a group at the next stop. If you’re worried about this aspect of the camp, you can send us an email or call us on 01249 783399.

– Half-board accommodation at the comfortable, stylish and newly-renovated Club del Sol Resort and Spa

– Private airport transfers to and from Palma for you, your luggage and your bike on the morning of Friday 1st and the afternoon of Tuesday 5th*

– Access to Andy Cook Cycling’s highly-experienced team members’ knowledge of all things cycling

– Four days of guided rides, with routes chosen to suit all and to include the best roads and scenery the island can offer

– A dedicated support vehicle to carry personal kit, water and mechanical equipment which will stay with you during each day’s ride

– The usual high-standard of professionalism and enjoyment that our clients have come to expect from Andy Cook Cycling Camps – after 25+ years of running these in Mallorca, our reputation is one of quality, excellence and value.

*We will be providing one private transfer, each way, for our clients, according to the flight times available. We recommend arriving on a mid/late morning flight on Friday 1st and departing late-afternoon/evening on Tuesday 5th. We will, of course, try to accommodate as many of our clients as we can when arranging these transfers.

Please see our T&Cs

Please take a variety of clothing. The weather is usually warm but far from guaranteed! We suggest taking:

  • Short sleeve jerseys
  • Long Sleeve jersey
  • Cycling Shorts
  • Leg warmers/tights
  • Race cape/shower jacket
  • Hard shell helmet (this is a legal requirement in Spain)
  • Under vests
  • Arm warmers
  • Wind proof gilet (for descents)
  • Cotton socks
  • Track mitts
  • Cap/Hat/warm gloves
  • Sun Glasses
  • Sun Cream/Block
  • 2 large water bottles
  • Energy drink


Although rides are supported you must carry the essentials and know how to use them.

  • 2 inner tubes
  • multi tool (Allen keys etc)
  • tyre levers
  • puncture repair outfit
  • a working bike pump!

Your bike

Our objective for the camp is to make sure that you have a great time. Please take time to read through these notes carefully as it will help make your time with us as safe and hassle free as possible.

Prior to Travel

Nothing spoils a holiday of this nature more than a malfunctioning bike. Please spend time making sure that your bike is in excellent working order. New tyres, tubes, brake blocks and cables are obvious improvements that can alleviate problems whilst on the camp. Transmission is another area that needs to be in good working order (chain and sprockets). It is essential that you check the transmission of your bike works correctly after fitting any new equipment, as there are often problems with worn or new teeth running old or new chains.

Our recommendation is to get a quality mechanic at your local shop to fit and check the equipment out, then ensure you go out for a longish ride before packing your bike away for your holiday. You will need appropriate gearing. We suggest a minimum of 39 x 25 as a bottom gear but many of our clients use a compact group set or triple chain set (see note below for more help).

Note: Compact group sets usually have a 50/34 front chain ring and 12/25 rear sprocket whilst a triple typically provides 52/42/32 front rings and 12/25 rear sprocket. This is all down to your personal needs and preferences but if you have any queries just contact us and we will happily help out.

Packing your Bike

Your bike is the single most important part of your holiday and a damaged one could ruin your holiday, it is essential therefore that you take great care packing it. Here are a few simple guidelines:

  • Remove your pedals with a pedal spanner and place in a separate box or turn around and thread on the inside of your cranks
  • Using a good quality Allen key, loosen your handle bar stem and handlebars and turn in towards the frame. Either remove your seat post and saddle or simply drop down inside your seat tube (remember to mark the post with your correct height)
  • Remove both wheels, quick release skewers and deflate your tyres.
  • Place protective plastic or wooden spacers in both the fork dropouts and rear dropouts, these can normally be sourced in your local bike shop, failing this old hubs will do the job perfectly.
  • Lag and protect all-important parts of your bike. The pipe insulation that plumbers use is good for this task. If in doubt remove it and package it safely and neatly. If you use zip ties or tape to hold any parts secure for travelling don’t forget to take some spares with you for packing for the return trip.
  • Label all of your parts and protective strips so re-packing at the end of your holiday is not such an ordeal.

There are a number of options for carrying your bike. You can use the cardboard boxes that new bikes arrive in, purpose build bike bags which come with differing levels of protective foam and the purpose build travel bike boxes which although they can be expensive, probably offer the best protection for your bike. However when you pack your bike please remember to ensure your bike is covered on you own insurance just in case the worst should happen.

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to get in touch and ask us at Our aim is for you to have a great bike camp so if we can offer any advice which will help, we will.

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What a fantastic fortnight it’s been on the Andy Cook Cycling Bike Week Lanzarote. 70 riders enjoyed constant sunshine, learnt new skills, conquered some iconic climbs and ate a lot of ham and cheese rolls! Full round up to come #andycookcycling #clublasanta #lanzarotecycling #springcamp #cyclingcamp #trainingcamp #high5 #alecustomuk #conticycling #contityres #lazerhelmetsTuesday summed up in pictures: 🚴‍♀️☀️ 💨🐫🍹🧘‍♂️🥉31 miles completed today as a warm up before the ‘big one’ tomorrow. Lovely, sunny, but fairly windy, day out on the beautiful roads of Lanzarote! The camels made an appearance as the groups came back over Fire Mountain. Great turnout for the stretching session with Ben @bp.triathlete_ back at base, and then the ACC team came third in the Club La Santa quiz! Phew! #andycookcycling #clublasanta #lanzarotecycling #mortensjuicebar 
#stretchingforcyclists #firemountain #camelsGreat day out has by all! 68 miles, 5500ft climbing and some excellent group riding - well done all! Particular highlights of today were the gorgeous views and gentle winds! #andycookcycling #clublasanta #lanzarotecycling #cyclingcamp #trainingcamp #wintercyclingNice gentle 37 mile ride today to Femara for coffee in the sunshine ☀️😊 #andycookcycling #clublasanta #lanzarotecycling #coffeeinthesun #trainingcamp #andycookbikeweek #wintercyclingGreat riding from everyone today on the Andy Cook Cycling Bike Week. 55 miles to Arieta, up the 10km Haría climb, a well-deserved sandwich at the top and then a fun descent back down with a tailwind! #groupriding #teamwork #harialanzarote #kom #andycookcycling #andycookbikeweek #clublasanta #lanzarotecycling #wintertraining #trainingcampWeek 2 has begun! We welcomed 40 sets of fresh legs to the camp today, with a very windy (but mainly dry) 47 mile ride. The best bit was the El Golfo coffee stop that some riders took, while other groups went onto Yaiza before heading home into a strong head wind. Looking forward to the rest of the week with a great bunch of people! #andycookcycling #clublasanta #lanzarotecycling #lanzarote #cyclingcamp #wintermiles #trainingcampAfter a tough old day in the saddle yesterday (160km), it was lovely to have a gentle final 50km ride on Week 1 of the Andy Cook Cycling Bike Week. Followed by the traditional crazy golf tournament and rounded off by a game of Jenga! Thanks to all the clients who have  made Week 1 so brilliant! #andycookcycling #clublasanta #lanzarotecycling #lanzarote #cyclingcamp #andycookbikeweek‘Recovery day’ today on the Andy Cook Bike Week - 50km into another strong wind (although it has changed direction!) with delicious sarnies and fresh juice at Morten’s Juice Bar. Then there was a stretching session for all back at the hotel - although quite a few people weren’t all that stretchy! #andycookcycling #clublasanta #recoveryride #mortensjuicebar #freshjuice #stretchingforcyclists #cyclistsarenotflexibleIt’s been a great couple of days on the bikes in Lanzarote. A tough 70-miler today put everyone through their paces, but look at all the smiles! #andycookcycling #clublasanta #andycookbikeweek #lanzarotecycling #bikecamp #trainingcamp #wintersun #wintertraining #getthemilesin